The popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by Oracle, NetSuite, allows businesses to manage their daily operations and commercial procedures efficiently. The software provides strong management capabilities for controlling inventory, e-commerce, accounting, order management, production, and warehouse management.

NetSuite is a cloud-based platform. It helps businesses and companies optimize their operations for more efficiency and better business results.

This is a comprehensive guide to NetSuite in which you can find reviews, pricing information, and other crucial facts. This information is based on our years of experience in successfully implementing NetSuite for businesses of all sizes.

NetSuite: Uses and Benefits

NetSuite, with its integrated array of customizable applications, is flexible enough to cater to the unique needs of every business. Additionally, its cloud-based functions allow businesses to scale up or down depending on changes that occur in the market while still ensuring privacy.

However, many competitors of NetSuite can only give limited scalability or supply a different group of apps to integrate with others. What's more? The software includes sophisticated analytics capabilities that provide helpful information on the behaviors and activities of customers.

NetSuite: Pricing

A wide range of business formats and industries can use the program. As a result, there are various NetSuite pricing packages to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Customers can obtain the license based on their specific niche, company size, and software rollout strategy. 

Users have the option of licensing either a la carte features or a ready-made industry package. The functionality needed (ERP, CRM, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.) is based on the NetSuite packages. Additionally, the packages include extra modules relevant to each business. 

While we would like to give you the exact amount of how much NetSuite would cost you as a company, it's something we cannot generalize about. But since the platform is quite flexible and can do almost anything, spending on this software is worth every penny.

But first, here are the variables which will affect NetSuite's cost in 2024:

  •         The number of user licenses you require
  •         Size of your business
  •         The add-on modules you need
  •         NetSuite customizations you require
  •         Support and ongoing training

Pricing Chart


NetSuite Service



Fee Schedule








NetSuite Modules





$10,000 - $100,000+


As required

$150-300 per hour


One-time implementation fee + Annual


Training & Support

One-time (or ongoing)

$2,000 - $15,000

NetSuite: Integrations

In addition to the integration between its customer relationship management (CRM), ERP, and e-commerce functions, the software simplifies integrations with various other applications. NetSuite offers a series of packaged solutions: SuiteCloud Connect, which enables integrations with both on-premises and on-demand software systems beneficial for businesses. Some of these applications are Google Apps, Google Apps, SAP, Salesforce, etc. 

NetSuite: Who Is It For?

Oracle created NetSuite to serve as a complete solution for various enterprises. Giant corporations, as well as small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), can use it according to their needs. The software helps different industries, including:

  •         Consumer financial services
  •         Healthcare
  •         Manufacturing

NetSuite is also helpful for:

  •         people who  run small businesses and want to automate their accounting procedures. 
  •         online merchants who are looking for e-commerce solutions
  •         manufacturing organizations looking for inventory management solutions.
  •         charities needing to analyze data and track donors

What Do Reviews Tell Us About Why Businesses and Companies Love NetSuite?

Businesses can find essential insights with the use of inclusive reporting tools. Users may rapidly access customer data and sales insights thanks to NetSuite's sophisticated interface. Users can also benefit from a variety of reporting layers, including on-demand and bespoke reports. These features make it simple for businesses to make quick, informed decisions. Users can also quickly export reports in Excel or PDF formats.

Businesses are empowered with actionable insights through these robust reporting tools, which advance their projects.

NetSuite is very flexible for diverse business requirements. Reviews reveal that users are happy to customize their system easily and integrate it with desktop, mobile, tablet, and applications for simplified access. 

A wide range of deep reporting technologies can be used by businesses to uncover critical insights. The intelligent interface allows users to access client information and sales analytics easily. Additionally, users can use a range of reporting layers, such as customized and on-demand reports. These features enable businesses to make quick, informed decisions with ease. Users can also quickly export reports in Excel or PDF formats.

Professional NetSuite consulting services help businesses access actionable insights, thanks to sophisticated reporting tools.

Users may access their applications and data with this cloud solution, from any location and at any time.  You can have easy access to stock inventories, financial information, project management tools, and customer information. 

Oracle NetSuite also offers high-quality encryption mechanisms to guarantee secure and private data storage. By doing this, it is ensuring that nobody has access to the system without permission. In addition, businesses benefit from NetSuite's cutting-edge cloud technology without paying monthly fees or inconvenience-inducing hardware installation requirements.

Based on the reviews we studied, here are our ratings:

  •         Overall Rating: 4.5
  •         Value for money: 4
  •         Ease-of-use: 4
  •         Functionality: 4
  •         Customer Support: 3.5

Let's look at some of the reviews to explore the pros and cons of Netsuite.

“Netsuite's inventory management is outstanding and superior to its rivals, especially for my particular line of work.”

“Since it's simpler to navigate the systems, I prefer this program to Sales Force.”

“I like having access to all the business information in one location. I appreciate how simple it is to find our clients.”

“Our business has changed because of NetSuite. It's a game-changer in terms of finances and CRM. Our company is more effective, and we have excellent knowledge.”

“The e-commerce capabilities of NetSuite are revolutionary. Now, we can effortlessly manage both our online and offline sales. It is essential for retail!”

“The software streamlines the management of our inventories and manufacturing. Our delivery times have gotten faster while our costs have decreased.”

“The PSA module in NetSuite has made project management uncomplicated. We can more precisely track time and resources. For businesses that provide services, it is a game-changer.”

“We are a non-profit and NetSuite's financial management aids in more effective resource allocation. We're more transparent and accountable to our donors.”

“Our inventory has been optimized using supply chain management in NetSuite. Both carrying costs and customer satisfaction have decreased.”

“The cloud-based NetSuite technology streamlines our patient information and billing while guaranteeing HIPAA compliance. It's an effective and safe remedy.”

“The SuiteSuccess model from NetSuite helped us get up and running quickly. In a short amount of time, we were able to go live with little disturbance.”

“Our food service operations have undergone a revolution because of NetSuite's demand planning tools. We waste less and provide better service.”

“NetSuite's scalability is a dream for a growing e-commerce business. It develops alongside us, which is priceless.”

Final Thoughts

In addition to setting up and implementing NetSuite, a consultant for NetSuite also offers ongoing support. They will lead training sessions, assist with meeting planning for projects, serve as the company's resource for a specific functional area, and generally offer support. Consultants will also study the systems and procedures of an organization to identify areas where technology can enhance operations. Additionally, they will be a valuable tool for knowledge-sharing activities and ideas for changes. Hire professional and effective NetSuite development services to get dynamic solutions.